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About us

STRATO GROUP is  deep-tech company innovating construction industry towards sustainability.  

After working many years in NGO with enviromental projects and also having profound experience in real estate development, eco materials and startup environment we have decided to fulfill our dream to change construction industry towards efficiency, sustainability and affordability. 

In 2018 we have started R&D project creating new generation construction materials with the help of biotechnologies and fungi. We have created unique bio-based polyurethane using green chemistry principles and enzymes. We have also created mycelium thermal insulation and innovative bio-waste board created with the help of microorganisms. We are working on geopolymer as well. We have our own highly motivated R&D team and small labs in Vilnius, also we were cooperating with best Lithuanian Universities. 

In order make construction industry more efficient we knew we have to change not only the material side but also to innovate and optimize the way they are constructed. We have developed prefab technologies: one of the biggest large scale 3D printer for house parts printing, automated solution for panel manufacturing and new generation eco modular house technology. Our eco materials are integrated into our prefab solutions.

All these technologies has great value for construction industry, but as it is still very fragmented and inefficient without digitalization. We needed design-built optimization solution – to mitigate risks, to get best case scenarios with the help of AI algorithms and to integrate all our unique technologies in order to be scalable and easy to use.

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